About Robed With Love

Robed With Love's mission is to bring back the heart in the art of fashion. After years of working in New York and across the globe in fashion,RWL’sfounder Lindsay realized consuming fashion became the norm. Why not empower fashion to give back to community, for friendship and with love?


Domestically: Robed With Love Love donates 5% of proceeds to charities benefiting women based in the United States. 

Internationally: All Robed With Love garments honor artistry by working only with high-quality embroidery facilities in India, where workers enjoy fair wages and pristine working conditions. This factory and Lindsay have been working together for over 7 years and have built a unique relationship founded in trust and quality. Lindsay considers the factory owner's part of her family and was blessed to have them travel from India to California for her wedding in November of 2016. 


Every garment includes a pre-customized embroidered label and drawstring gift bag. 

Robed With Love Gift Bag and Label


Robed With Love has partnered with Instagram's inspirational blogger @LiveInTheDetails to pair each garment with a greeting card to inspire living in love right now. Live In The Details happens to be Lindsay's cousin and is one of the most inspiring women in Lindsay's life. So it was a no brainer to share her positivity with Robed With Love. 

Robed With Love Notecards