Each Robed With Love style is named after a strong woman who sets a remarkable example of love, quality and intentionality in the world.


The "Hildy Robe" was inspired by the founder's mother, Hildy who raised her children with a daily devotion to love, creativity and selflessness. One of her hallmarks is giving gifts from the heart. The founder followed her mother's example by designing and gifting this robe to her bridesmaids to wear on and after the big day.


Every occasion is a reason to dress up- at least for Alanna, RWL Founder's bestie and name-spiration for the "Alanna Robe." Firework displays of pearl-like embroidery and accents adorn the robe to honor Alanna's preference-for-pearls style and sensibility. When you're with Alanna (or wearing her robe) you feel feminine, fabulous and fit to celebrate any occasion.  


The founder’s best friend, Katelyn, is the namesake of this luxury pajama collection. Her love of the matching pajama inspired the floral embroidered, mix and match collection of tops and bottoms. Butterfly and Wildflower motifs transform these classic styles with a touch of Katelyn’s way: playful, natural beauty. when you’re wearing the Katelyn Pajama, you experience Katelyn’s one of a kind classic, cozy-yet-fashionable philosophy to leisure.


The Kristy Kimono is named after the founder’s cousin Kristy, for a woman standing in her power as an author and gifted guide for women. Like Kristy, the kimono is understated yet powerful; Gentle yet striking; adaptable and kind. “Consider this a warm hug from me, Kristy.” - Love, Lindsay, RWL Founder



The idea for "The Waverly SLEEP MASK" came to Robed With Love’S Founder after a sleepless night with her newborn daughter, waverly. A Daytime nap wAS the only way to recover from the NIGHT BEFORE. So she designed this plush eye pillow to recover from midday MOMMY CRASHES and BRIDAL PARTY BASHES, ALike.