Robed With Love will be partnering with various artists, writers and inspirational individuals that inspire living in love right now.


Our first and most meaningful partnership is with inspirational blogger Live In The Details, who happens to be the founder's cousin in law. Live In The Details decided to start her blog after putting writing on the back burner for years. An IT band injury left her with extra time on her hands and in January of 2016 Live In The Details made her first post. Dozens of followers quickly turned into hundreds and hundreds turned into thousands.Now, Live In The Details provides daily inspiration to a growing community of over 103,000 followers. Every month the blog selects a new theme often suggested by it's readers. Recent themes include "Strong Women" and "Finding Your Happy."

Robed With Love is partnering with Live In The Details to provide a meaningful greeting card with the purchase of any garment. The greeting is centered around various themes including "Love," "Friendship," "Birthday's," "Just Because" and more. Every card has space for a handwritten personal message from the gift giver. Our hope is that the greeting will be gifted to that special someone to inspire love and intention and ultimately, bring the heart back in the art of fashion.   @liveinthedetails  



Robed with Love has partnered with illustrator, Hildy Charboneau to provide our customers with complimentary greeting cards featuring her happy, whimsical, and colorful artwork. Hildy’s artwork has been featured in Silicon Valley’s Saratoga Gallery and art festivals around Northern California. Her most recent accomplishment includes the publishing of her children’s book Mom*Me.

Hildy’s artwork centered around nature themes and promoting happiness is the perfect partnership for Robed With Love.

Additional artwork including paintings, giclees, note cards and mugs can be purchased from her website at

Do you have an amazing idea for a business partnership that would help both of us remember to put a little more of our hearts in the art of life? Email us at: